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Stay on top of your music releases at radio with 24/7 radio airplay tracking and advanced chart data. 

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STS has partnered with the radio industry leading digital music service, AirplayAccess, to provide music to radio stations everywhere. A seamless integration of AirplayAccess into the reporting stations makes this feature easy, fast and secure. 

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Most radio airplay charts in the music industry.

The service, which is a subsidiary of Backstage Entertainment, provides chart data for Backstage-Heartland publication New Music Weekly magazine in the United States and in additional countries worldwide STS Airplay Chart are published by the New Music Radio Network.  Since 1999 the STS partnership with New Music Weekly and the New Music Radio Network has provided radio airplay charts and related data for over 22 formats.

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Contemporary Design For Radio Programmers.

Using its patented digital technology, STS captures in excess of 51 thousand songs, 27 thousand artists, 11 thousand record labels on more than 1,200 radio stations in over 120 U.S. markets including countries around the globe. STS also uses the service to track radio airplay at syndicated shows and internet radio.

Since its 1999 debut, STS has become the standard for the radio and music industry because of its accuracy of tracking and monitoring songs, thus eliminating the use of call-outs to music industry trades and record labels when it comes to adding new music. The service has also helped tracks that receive airplay become major hits for both major and independent artists/bands, especially in New Music Weekly’s charts, where tracks have reached the top honors.

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SpinsTrackingSystem, better known as STS, is a service that tracks monitored radio at commercial, non-commercial radio, internet and syndicated radio airplay of songs based on the number of spins and detections.



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As we reach around the globe with the Spins Tracking System reporting panel, the STS system tracks big numbers. 

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