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SpinsTrackingSystem (a service of Backstage Entertainment Group, LLC), also known as STS, is your leading global broadcast source, tracking radio airplay. SpinsTrackingSystem’s radio reporting panel includes an array of terrestrial FM/AM within the commercial and noncommercial format, as well as streaming internet radio stations, syndicated radio shows and other media outlets.  STS publishes weekly music charts, and provides in-depth tools for radio and record industry professionals. STS charts and airplay data are used on many popular radio countdown shows and televised music awards programs. Music charts are published in both domestic and international publications worldwide.

Who uses STS?

STS is used by radio station programmers, program directors, music directors, DJ’s, record labels, radio promoters, radio marketing companies, publishing companies, artist-managers, artists, bands, concert tour promoters, booking agents, music supervisors, radio networks, A&R’s, talent scouts, radio pluggers, advertising agencies, publicists, entertainment attorneys, record pools and many more! 

Why STS?

STS tracking is an invaluable source of information and chart data. It’s the key source used by managers and artists alike to book shows, set-up interviews or promote their current release at radio. STS has chosen to include the smallest of radio broadcasters allowing them to have an equal voice while offering more powerful radio airplay information at an affordable rate. 

User Experience (STS) design!

STS tracking reports are single week airplay report which displays the total spin count for the previous full week. Your STS account is complete with detailed list of radio stations playing a song and a breakdown of how many spins per day each station played a song. Accounts also include, population, Arbitron rating, frequency and broadcast signals. 

How can I get tracking?

You can subscribe for you 24/7 radio airplay tracking account today by simply clicking the “Order Tracking” and sign up for a STS account. Once your account has been set-up, you can then login to your account and begin accessing STS 24/7 tracking. Get your STS tracking today and find out when and where a song is being aired!

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