Getting started with your playlist

A STS playlist

A playlist impacing the Radio Airplay Charts should reflect your station’s current music ONLY (no “Recurrents” should be reflected on playlist. “Recurents” are songs which are no longer being promoted by the record label or record promoter). The number one release on your report should have received the most spins at your station for the week, followed in descending order in spins. The STS system will automatically sort your playlist according to spins.

Your playlist should reflect overall station airplay, including current play, new adds and drops. Playlists may include unlimited amount of song titles, but you are limited to 99 spins per song. All station must support all major and independent label releases.

You may update your playlist 24hrs/7 days a week.

REMEMBER, you  must update all reports on STS by 12 noon Pacific Time every Tuesday.

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Left Panel

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Entering your playlist

Once you enter your initial playlist it will be retained from week to week for you automatically. You will be able to access your account and make updates and changes fast and easily. (Average playlist update takes only 2-3 mins per week) * All playlist information is sent to STS in real-time.

Adding songs to playlist
Using song box
Saving your playlist

Using the “Add Song” box

STS does NOT use “The” at the beginning of band names. For example, you would enter “Wallflowers” and not “The Wallflowers.”  

Be aware of possible alternate spellings of bands and artists as well (e.g. BK Davis vs. B.K. Davis), so try a different combination before entering new artists and their songs on to your playlist.

Various Artists, Soundtracks are entered using “Various Artists” as the artist field.

Adding songs

1Enter artist name in the “Adds” field. Enter the first few letters to get a list of artists to select from: 
2. Notice artists corresponding to these letters become available for your selection. Highlight artist to “add”:  
3. Enter amount of spins in the “Spins” box. Push “Add to Playlist” button: .
4. You may change spins as needed by simply adjusting their spins number: and push “Update Playlist”: 

Each time you select “Update Playlist” or “Add To Place” ALL changes you have currently made is automatically save to the STS system.

If an artist/song is not found?

If no match is found in the “Add” box, you can simply place the song in the “Missing Song” box: 
Simply use this formula witha “#” between the information ex.Artist#Song Title#Label#Spins

If you do not know the label name use a “?

This song information will be sent to STS for review and will be added to your playlist for you. 


Removing songs from your playlist

Place a check in the “Drop” box corresponding to the song you would like to “drop”  This will place a zero spin count for the coresponding song and the song will be dropped automatically from your playlist at the end of the reporting week.

If you have added a song to your playlist in error, we have added a “Remove”  feature to your playlist.

The “Remove” feature is ONLY to be used if you have mistakenly added the incorrect song to your playlist. There is no need to use this feature to drop songs from your playlist. 


Stress Trax

Stress Trax are songs receiving extra attention from your listeners. Stress Trax are songs which have proven to be successful for your market. You may select up to 5 Stress Trax on your playlist.



There is no longer any need for you to use outdated procedures to share you playlist information with record label executives, radio reps, record promoters, artists, publishers, public relation firms and artist managers. STS has all the features you need to share you information with a click of your mouse. 

STS uses it’s own customized programming so that your playlist can be view by ANYONE you desire to share you information with. The old, outdated way of sharing your playlist using WORD, EXCEL or other similar programs is a thing of the past.

E-mail: STS will retain your own personalize contact database for you where you can share your playlist with music industry contacts with the simple click of your mouse. Simply enter your own email address you want to use to send from in the “from” field, enter your contacts you with to send it “to” (one email address per line). You may add and delete contacts as you desire . .and click “send”.

Print/Fax: You can easily print yourself a copy of your playlist. Simply select the “Print/Fax” option on the main menu. This option will also allow you to fax your playlist to anyone you want to share your information with. *A printer or fax modem must be installed on your computer and configured to use this feature.

Station Info: You may update you radio station info (ex. mailing address, contact info, frequency, watts, station nickname, etc.). IMPORTANT: Keeping your information up to date will insure proper servicing of music from record labels, record promoters, management companies, public relation firms and artists.



The STS system is compatible with all electronic devices including PC, MAC, Tablet, iPhone and Android. 

The STS system is all web browsers, however we have found Chrome to be the best design for speed and ease.